About Us


With over 22 years of corporate work experience in Advertising & Infrastructure, Shriram Iyer started this venture in October 2012 to pursue his passion in Real Estate Broking. Shriram’s work experience and knowledge in this industry help Clients decide on the best option for them. Be it for Buying, Selling or Leasing their property.

“I promise to do my best to help you find a home of your choice”

Company Overview

JACKAL-T VENTURES is a service provider helping you in your real estate requirement. We help you in choosing your home, getting the best price for your property or leasing. Buying or selling real estate is an emotional issue for most people. Hence it is important to establish a close relationship. Our personal involvement in every deal has ensured a close bond with our Clients.

Our professional approach towards the entire process of identifying, negotiating and closing a deal has delighted our Clients who have been very comfortable with our style of functioning.

Established in October 2012, Jackal-T Ventures aims to provide genuine “customer delight” in real estate broking. Most of our customers who have dealt with us in the short time that we have been in this business have vouched for the sincerity and transparency in the entire process. They have also been our silent spokespersons leading to referrals.